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Dog Training Toilet Indoor Potty Pad Holder

(9 customer reviews)

Dog Training Toilet Indoor Potty Pad Holder

(9 customer reviews)

CAD $120.00 CAD $59.99

Take care of your dog’s toiletry needs with ease

No more hassle in potty training your pet with the PrimDog pad holder. It safeguards your home from mess and unpleasant smells, making your life easier. Its compact size fits perfectly in any living space, making it suitable for all pet owners.

Smooth edges

Its design guarantees safety for your dog. It eliminates the risk of getting wounded, promoting a harm-free environment.

Rubber pads

This convenient detail prevents slipping or sliding. The holder stays in one place after a strong impact. The soft bottom also keeps your floors protected from scratches.

Easy to maintain

The PrimDog potty allows quick clean-up after usage, saving you time. No more worrying about lingering odours or stubborn stains.

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9 reviews for Dog Training Toilet Indoor Potty Pad Holder

  1. L****a

    An excellent tool for consistent potty training, completely worth every cent! No more smelly carpets! It’s sturdy, super easy to clean and quite portable. Love it!!

  2. T****s

    Such an innovative and efficient solution for potty training our pets indoors. It’s not only durable but the high-quality construction ensures it stands up to the most determined pups. Cleaning it is a breeze.

  3. M***a

    I was a little skeptical at first, but this holder has truly simplified potty training for our little doggie. It keeps the pad in place, ensuring no messes while maintaining a clean environment for my pup. Great buy!

  4. J*****n

    Nice product and concept, plus I like the design. So easy to put in the new pee pads. My puppy loved it and adjusted to the pee pad really fast.

  5. S****a

    This product can hold a pee pad easily and will prevent your puppy from shredding the paper pad. The best thing I’ve bought for my pup… Highly recommended!

  6. T***a

    Before ordering this product, our puppy would miss the pad a lot. Now she is hitting it every time! Thanks!

  7. N**k

    I like the sturdiness of this pad holder. It’s easy to clean and it keeps my house clean. Very effective and useful!

  8. J**e

    This is a valuable tool in training your pet and keeping your home clean! I highly recommend this for any new pet owner.

  9. R***a

    Perfect for my dog!! He doesn’t have to go outside but he knows where he is supposed to go!! Good quality and easy to use. I’m happy with my purchase, thanks!

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Dog Training Toilet Indoor Potty Pad Holder