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Intellectual Property

All information provided in tangible and intangible form including, by way of exemplary, but not exhaustive, deeds, documents, drawings, product samples, data, analyzes, reports, studies, graphic representations, elaborations, evaluations, relative reports, technology and production processes, models, tables that are communicated by external subjects or from the website (hereinafter, each, “Disclosing Party”) to the websites or to external subjects (hereinafter, each, the “Receiving Party”) in the context of the provision of services and/or feedback, comments, suggestions, reviews, ideas and other user materials submitted voluntarily, and expressly identified as confidential / reserved nature of the Confidential Information must be highlighted by means of indication of the appropriate wording “reserved”, “confidential” or with a similar legend. Failure on the side of the Disclosing Party to identify the information as confidential will result in the permission to use such information at the sole discretion of the Receiving Party.

By sharing any piece of non-personally identifiable information, such as comments, reviews, ideas, photo, video and audio materials that express your opinions, viewpoints, ideas, etc., you give us the right to use them as we see fit, on this website or on other websites associated with our brand.

Note that all the information, be it textual, graphical, or recorded in video or audio files on the pages of this website is the intellectual property of primdog.ca. Copying, duplicating, reproducing or otherwise using this information without previous authorization by our lawful representatives is punishable by copyright law. Find more information on our Terms of Service page.