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Dog Talking Buttons for Communication

(11 customer reviews)

Dog Talking Buttons for Communication

(11 customer reviews)

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Ensure efficient learning for your dog

Looking for an easy way to train your dog? Try the PrimDog talking buttons! They're a new way to give your pet orders and improve communication. It leads to a happier, problem-free relationship with your pet.

Enjoyable Process
Training becomes more engaging with our speech buttons. Your dog will definitely love it! Make teaching new commands an exciting game!
Improved Discipline
The PrimDog device aids in correcting your pet's behaviour. Your home life will certainly be more calm and balanced.
Better Connection
Active interaction with your pet will result in trust and understanding. Increase your mutual empathy and affection.

This characteristic extends the gadget's life, shielding it from possible harm. No need to worry about spills or rain. You can take your dog outside for training in any weather.

Velcro fastener

Our buttons attach to the mat with ease and remain in place. This ensures your dog won't knock them off by accident. You'll find this handy during lively activities.

DIY stickers

They help distinguish each button's role, forming a personal language with your dog. Make the communication process joyful and creative.

More reasons to love our product
Easy To Use
Easy To Clean

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11 reviews for Dog Talking Buttons for Communication

  1. S****h

    Great product! Our new puppy wasn’t telling us when he needed to go out. He loves his buttons. The recording and audio quality is better then the others on the market. Worth every penny

  2. L***a

    I’m totally amazed by this toy! My bulldog has mastered the basics in no time. This product has certainly brought a unique sense of bonding, understanding and fun into our lives!

  3. R****a

    This is a great product. We rearranged the buttons to better suit our dog’s needs, placing them next to her food bowl, the front door, etc. The results have been extraordinary. Your dog will love these buttons, highly recommended!

  4. K***h

    It’s been a fun process for both myself and my cat, and it’s been rewarding to watch his progress. He seems to really like the treat button

  5. A*****a

    My dog Luna took to it surprisingly fast! It’s delightful to see her learn and express her needs. Quality product, user-friendly, and a fantastic interactive tool for us both.

  6. K****a

    Totally amazed with the buttons for dog communication! The idea of teaching your dog to talk via buttons is outstanding, and the practical reality is even better!!

  7. D**a

    These buttons have revolutionized how I communicate with my furry buddy. It’s so heartwarming to see him clicking the buttons to tell me his needs. These intelligent toys not only engage him but also foster a deeper bond between us

  8. G****e

    Not only is it an innovative solution for pet communication, it’s also a great tool for bonding. I strongly recommend it for all dog parents.

  9. H***r

    Our doggie presses the buttons with ease and we’re thrilled to finally see her communicate with us. It’s been an absolute game-changer in the way we communicate. Thanks!

  10. B***a

    A brilliant product for communicating with your pet! My Rottweiler took to the buttons faster than I’d thought. It’s funny watching him hit that Treat button way too often! Highly recommend it!

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Dog Talking Buttons for Communication