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Dog Paw Cleaner Pet Foot Washer

(14 customer reviews)

Dog Paw Cleaner Pet Foot Washer

(14 customer reviews)

CAD $68.00 CAD $44.98

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Keep your dog’s paws clean, without frequent baths or stress

Never worry about your pet’s dirty prints on your carpet, furniture, or bed with the Primdog Paw Cleaner. Our product thoroughly removes all the mud and sand in between your little one’s paws so that you can keep your home spotless.

Easy to use
Add some water to the Primdog Pet Foot Washer and guide your dog's paws into the cup. Twist the cup back and forth to clean the paws, dab them dry with a towel, and drain the dirty water.
Ergonomic Design
Our product features thick bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler. It works like a mini agitation washer for your dog’s paws.
The Primdog Paw Washer is made of environmentally-friendly silicone. It's much softer and safer than plastic and will not hurt your pet.
See-through cup

Enables you to see if the water is dirty and needs changing.


Can be used for your pets as a grooming brush.

Wide use

Optional sizes suitable for small, medium, or large dogs.

More reasons to love our dog paw cleaner
Pet Skin-Friendly
Durable Material
Diseases Prevention
Size guide
* Use size s for small dogs, size m for medium, size L for large ones. Please refer to size chart for detailed product dimensions.

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14 reviews for Dog Paw Cleaner Pet Foot Washer

  1. B***a

    Takes some time for the dog to get used to but it does a great job. You can see the amount of dirt and debri in the cup after each cleaning. Works well.

  2. C***y

    Don’t fill it all the way up, only half fillet so there’s room for the paw. Our dogs constantly are running in dirt and clay and it gets most of it off.

  3. K***e

    Works great, my dog isn’t a huge fan and moves around too much so it is a two person job using this but the product itself is great.

  4. S***a

    Clean floors! Finally!!! Wish I would have known about this years ago. It’s a game changer!!!

  5. D****a

    I was skeptical of this at first but I have already used it a dozen times and it makes quick work of cleaning paws. I fill it about half way with water, insert the dogs paw and “scrub”. We are done in about a minute 😜 definitely recommend it!

  6. O**a

    This tool really does wash their paws so well! I’m super impressed and my dog was comfortable with me using it on them from the start.

  7. N*****a

    I needed something that would help clean my dog’s paws better than just a towel, so I decided to give this a shot. It’s super easy to use; just fill partly with water, put your dogs paws in and move it back and forth against the bristles. I was surprised on how much dirty came off of my dog’s paws after bringing him in from his walk!

  8. K**a

    Simple and easy to use! My dog doesn’t seem to mind it either! I would definitely recommend this product!

  9. Z****y

    My dog likes to run around in my yard, and sometimes her paws get muddy. This device works great for cleaning her paws.

  10. H***y

    This works great!! Less mess for sure when trying to clean those dirty paws.

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Dog Paw Cleaner Pet Foot Washer