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Dog Lick Mat Silicone Slow Feeder

(5 customer reviews)

Dog Lick Mat Silicone Slow Feeder

(5 customer reviews)

CAD $60.00 CAD $29.98

Stress relief for your dog

The PrimDog lick mat is a fantastic way to keep your dog occupied. It has multiple functions aimed at the improvement of their well-being. This versatile tool is a must-have for every pet owner.

Enhanced Hygiene
The PrimDog feeder boosts oral health by removing harmful bacteria from your dog's tongue. This contributes to fresher breath and the prevention of diseases.
Calming Effect
Our lick mat will enhance your dog's mental stimulation, reducing boredom and anxious behaviour. It provides fun and entertainment, creating a soothing environment for the pet.
Improved Digestion
Its unique design slows down the pace at which your dog eats, aiding in food absorption. It encourages licking, which stimulates saliva and promotes good digestion. This all prevents overeating and the associated health risks.

Made of high-quality silicone, our mat is gentle on a pet's tongue. It ensures your dog can enjoy the meal without any discomfort.


This dog feeder is free from harmful materials.


Forget about the hassle of cleaning. Rinse it in warm, soapy water — and it will be like new.

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5 reviews for Dog Lick Mat Silicone Slow Feeder

  1. N*****s

    The mat is colorful, small. The material is odorless. I clean it with a brush so that there is no food left in the holes.

  2. P***y

    jj The mat is not a large size and is very suitable for wet food. The cat loves it. Recommended!

  3. B**t

    jj Sometimes the dog will push food off the mat onto the floor since it doesn’t have an edge, but that’s to be expected. The mat is easy to clean and dries quickly.

  4. S****t

    I only use it for wet food. The mats have tiny holes in them and the dogs like to clean them out. Thanks!!!

  5. A***n

    We bought them for our cats so their faces wouldn’t get dirty while eating. They used to eat out of bowls. The cats quickly got used to it. I recommend it!

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Dog Lick Mat Silicone Slow Feeder