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Dog Backpack Front Carrier Travel Bag

(12 customer reviews)

Dog Backpack Front Carrier Travel Bag

(12 customer reviews)

CAD $68.00 CAD $44.98

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Carry your precious pet anywhere, hands-free

The Primdog Dog Backpack is the perfect accessory for long walks with your dog. It provides a roomy spot to secure your pet to your body while keeping your movement steady.

Ergonomic design
The Primdog Carrier Backpack has an elastic breathable build that relieves pressure on your pet’s neck. It also has leg and tail openings that keep your dog comfortable.
Free movement
The lightweight Primdog Dog Front Carrier allows sufficient flexibility to carry your pets along while you run your daily errands.
Superior protection
The Primdog Travel Bag features a leash attachment on the inside to ensure that your pet is safely secured.
Wide strap

Reduces stress on your shoulders and makes it easier to carry your pet.

Convenient storage

Our Travel Bag has a pocket on it so you can carry your personal belongings.


Can be worn on either your front or back side.

More reasons to love our travel bag
Side Zippers
Quick Release
Optional Sizes
Size guide
  • How to measure your dog for a carrier bag:
  • 1. Place your dog in a standing position with their front legs together and their hind legs together.
  • 2. Measure the distance between the front and back paws at the widest point.
  • 3. Measure the length of your dog's back from the base of his neck to the base of his tail.
S103.925 - 299.8 - 11.41 - 2.52.2 - 5.5
M124.730 - 3411.8 - 13.42.5 - 3.55.5 - 7.7
L145.535 - 4013.8 - 15.73.5 - 5.57.7 - 12.1
XL166.341 - 4516.1 - 17.75.5 - 912.1 - 19.8

*Consider your dog's weight and choose a carrier that can safely support his weight.

*Keep in mind that if your dog falls between two sizes, it's usually better to choose the larger size to ensure they have enough room to move around and be comfortable.

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12 reviews for Dog Backpack Front Carrier Travel Bag

  1. J****e

    I love this! And so does my puppy! She just hangs out and looks around

  2. M**y

    I love the idea of this dog front pack carrier. It’s easy to use and easy to put her in and take her out. Glad I ordered it.

  3. A****a

    Easy to use and sturdy! Bought this to have my puppy tag along for bike rides. Very secure. For a pup who hates bags and baskets, she had zero issues with being put in the pouch and very relaxed – no anxiety whatsoever!

  4. D****e

    Super cute, super comfortable for the both of us! What a great value!

  5. A***l

    I bought this for my puppy so when I go out to places I can take her with me more! It was very easy to put her into it. And she was surprisingly very calm and loved being in it!

  6. C****e

    This is an awesome dog backpack carrier! I have tried 3 other types with my dog and she hated all of them. But this one she loves to be in. When we go on vacation we go all over with her in it!

  7. R***b

    This feels pretty comfortable to wear and my dog seems to like it. Love that it’s breathable and adjustable!

  8. L***y

    Excellent carrier! My dog loves chilling in it when we go anywhere. Highly recommend it!

  9. S***e

    So comfy and cute! My dog was able to just relax there without any issues or visible discomfort. I love it, 10/10!

  10. O***e

    Our dog is having problems making it all the way through our walks. It is so nice to be able to put her in this carrier and have her enjoy being carried!

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Up to 20% OFF Your First Purchase

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Dog Backpack Front Carrier Travel Bag